Videoscope Analysis

IEI is fast becoming the industry leader!  Not only do we utilize leading edge technology in our probe design, but we now offer a videoscope analysis with every bundle we inspect!  We also offer video archiving and distribution for our customers so they can experience the full experience of what their tube condition is in real time, at a specific point in time!

"A picture is worth a thousand words....." a video is ten fold!

IEI strives to provide the latest in technology to our customers.  With this videoscope, not only will we be able to take pictures at right angles, but have the ability to measure the size of anomoly down to the .001".  This ability gives a true sizing of defects without overstating any abnormalities.  The possibilities are endless!

Some benifits of Video Scoping are:

1.  confirmation of scale on ID of tube

2.  division plate gasket (both ends of machine)

3.  inspection of chilled water sensor

4.  visual inspection of sacrificial anodes (if applicable)  on opposite end

5.  shut off valve gasket inspection through opposite end piping

6.  condition of opposite end crown sheet and end bells

7.  confirmation and visual cause of restricted and/or constricted tubes

8.  variations of defects followed with visual confirmation

9.  causes and visual of debris buildup in the cavity on opposite end

10.  conditions of tubes next to division plate on far end

11.  confirmation of metallic chips or other causes of false positive indications

12.  measurement (to the nearest .001”) of pits or any other ID indication

13.  and many more…….


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Valve on opposite end piping



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