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With maintenance costs increasing and budgets decreasing, eddy current testing becomes an integral tool that should be utilized with the utmost professionalism and effeciency while at the same time being cost effective.  The sophistication of modern efficient tubes creates new areas of concern for owners and maintenance companies.  thinner wall thickness with I.D and O.D. finning has created new areas of tube failure

The T5 HyTec Probe is specifically designed to eliminate the transition area and support signals and expose the areas of tube that have historically been the cause of most failures.


1.  Suppress the transition in A/C tubing

2.  Suppress the support signal in all tubes regardless of the metallic material

3.  Peak to Peak voltage remains constant, no matter the orientation of the probe in the tube in all but the very small defects

4.  Pre cracks of 40-50% into the wall under the support are located under lab conditions.  Seventy five percent and above are readily noticeable under field testing conditions, mil spec requires 40%

5.  Full data acquisition is accomplished using the T5 HYTEC assuring no data lost due to probe design and orientation in the tube.  This makes testing faster and analysis more cost effective (cost saving)

6.  The wide frequency response of each probe means fewer probes needed for different metals (cost Saving)

7.  Probes are very durable meaning less probes are needed per project (cost saving).  In fact, in one case study, a customer would normally have gone through 10-15 probes in the corse of one outage.  They only needed TWO T5 HyTec probes to complete the job, and the second one was for backup

8.  The differential coil set is 2-3 times stronger than any other, meaning greater sensitivity to small defects

9.  The differential coil set is able to balance to all probe sizes from .500 to .810. Less probes needed (cost saving)

10  Detachable probes means less trip weight and savings on the more expensive integral probe assemblies

11.  Due to these advantages less time will be needed to retest tubes with expensive rotating probes (big savings in both test equipment and time).

  The T5 HyTec Probe will acquire data in areas of the tube better and faster than any other probe choice.  Less time and equipment means savings to the test company and production increase due to shorter scheduled outage time.

   It has been confirmed the T5 HyTec Probe can be used on the Zetec MIZ-27; Corestar Omni 100/200 and Olympus 5800.


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T5 HyTec
T5 HyTec Probe is a revolutionary new eddy current probe technology for tube inspection that offers far more than typical bobbin probes. 

Tri-Tip Flaw Detector
Tri-Tip is IEI’s patented three-in-one probe that offers bobbin, cross-axis, and AC3 coils all in one assembly.  To learn more, click here.


T5 Hytec Probes formally knows as T5 Probes:

As our probe expanded into other parts on the world we became aware there is already a product in the medical world called the T5 Probe. We were advised by the manufacturer of that product and it was suggested we rename ours.


This is how T5 HyTec came into being.  T5 means tube testing tip to tip.  Hy represents Hybrid which means this probe has the improved bobbin coils that are 2-3 times more sensitive than other bobbin coils available. And Tec represents the new and improving technology being used in our probes. Therefore T5 Hytec Probes.

Along with additional modifications, the T5 stands alone as new technology and thereore we felt it necessary to rename it, giving it it's own identity as a new product.  You will find the bobbin coils in the Hybrid probe to be the most sensative bobbin coils manufactured.  This gives enhanced sensitivity to the smaller volume defects.


Bottom line:  It is tube testing from tip to tip:  A complete test!






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