Calibration Standards




Our machines and machinists are capable of achieving the most exacting tolerances for defect dimensions and position, with NIST traceability on all measuring equipment.


IEI is capable of producing high quality calibration standards in any material (tubing, plate, or other).  With local access to a number of tubing and metal suppliers and with onsite conventional and EDM machines, IEI is able to respond quickly to your calibration standard requirements creating milled flats, concentric or eccentric grooves, circumferential, axial or diagonal EDM notches, and other artificial defects according to your specifications.  Our local tube suppliers have all kinds of stainless steels in stock, along with copper alloys and carbon steel.  Nickel alloy tubes can also be sourced nationally.

Dimensions of machined defects (i.e. depth, etc.) are verified using the most advanced equipment (optical comparator, etc.).  ASME defect standards can typically be produced within 24 hours and for a cost of about $350 each

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