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Our Team




Mark Auville, Owner, CEO

Mark brings  21 years of eddy current experience to our team.  He is a graduate of Oregon State University with a degree in Speech Communications.  Mark joined IEI in 1992 and has been an eddy current technician ever since.  From 1994 to 2010 he served as technician and VP of Operations for IEI.  Mark was instrumental in guiding IEI to become one of the first air conditioner (AC) testing companies to upgrade to digital equipment (1997).  Since that time and also at Mark’s urging, IEI has graduated to a second generation of digital equipment with enhanced speed and versatility.

Mark officially took over the business in 2011 becoming full owner and CEO.



Gene Auville, Founder, IEI

Gene brings 31 years of eddy current experience to our team.  Geneís goal from the start has been to provide our clients with the best eddy current tube analysis available, and by staying active, he is able to watch industry trends and stay current with the latest equipment and techniques.  Gene holds the US and Canadian patents for IEIís exclusive Tri-Tip probe which he developed in response to a perceived need in the HVAC industry for a universal probe.  As the name implies, the probe is actually capable of performing three tests in one.  Click here to learn more about Tri-Tip.

Prior to forming IEI, Gene was Superintendent of Guided Missile Systems for the US Air Force, California Air National Guard.  He also worked 10 years as a Senior Electronic Technician with the Federal Aviation Administration working on Instrument Landing Systems.


Glen Hover, ECT, Level IIA, Qualified Data Analyst

Glen brings 17 years of EC experience to our team.  He worked for Zetec from 1982 to 1992 providing Level IIA data analysis services to the nuclear industry for most of that time.  After taking a few years to pursue another venture, Glen returned to eddy current testing in 2000 working as a QDA analyst for Verner & James and for Anatec International.  Glen joined IEI in 2004 and currently performs eddy current testing of commercial chillers and air conditioning units covering the states of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Alaska.  Glen also periodically contracts out as a QDA analyst on nuclear jobs across the country.


Sean "Big Daddy" Ready, ECT Level IIA, QDA

Sean brings 15 years of eddy current experience to our team.  For the first ten years of his career, Sean worked for Rockridge Technologies traveling throughout the U.S. and Canada performing EC acquisition and analysis at various nuclear facilities.  In 2003 Sean joined IEI and soon thereafter, he moved to the Phoenix area to begin inspecting chillers in the desert southwest.  He also continues to provide outage support to the nuclear industry in the form of periodic subcontracted acquisition and analysis services (level IIA certification) across North America.  Through the years, Sean has also been involved with refinery and fossil power plant inspection



Chris Kennedy, ECT Level IIA, QDA

Chris brings 13 years of EC experience to our team.  He started his career as an electronics technician in 1996 with Rockridge/Framatome Technologies (now Areva), acting as crew supervisor and equipment systems engineer for numerous steam generator inspection projects. Chris received his EPRI Level IIA QDA in 1998 and ASNT Ultrasonic Level II in 2001.  In 2005, Chris accepted a position as Tube Inspection Group Lead for IESCO where he specialized in eddy current and remote field eddy current inspection along with IRIS ultrasonic tube inspection at petroleum processing and power plants.  Chris joined IEI in 2006 as an eddy current consultant for chiller and condenser tubing inspection while continuing as a data analyst for nuclear steam generators.

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