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IEI is committed to reducing our carbon footprint wherever possible and engaging in ecologically responsible practices.



First, in the HVAC realm, this commitment has been historically seen through our efforts to reduce emission of HCFC (an ozone-depleting gas once common in Freon) by identifying defects in air-conditioner tubes before they leak.  IEI’s patented Tri-Tip probe has been instrumental to this process.  Secondly, by placing our skilled NDE technicians on nuclear jobs, we are contributing to the resurgence of nuclear energy in America, and reducing our reliance on carbon-heavy fossil fuels for power generation.  Finally, on a smaller scale, IEI has taken the following steps to insure an ecologically responsible future:

    1. IEI has reduced travel requirements for our technicians by allowing them to work regionally in areas near their respective homes.  This, in turn, reduces carbon emission into our atmosphere.
    1. IEI offers optional paperless reports to our customers who wish to reduce consumption of forestry products.
    1. Though HCFC has been eliminated from most Freon today, proper air conditioner tube inspection still reduces the amount of hazardous waste stemming from tube leaks (typically hydrochloric acid).
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