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Our Mission:

To become the leading provider of honest, professional, and unbiased eddy current testing. We use the latest in technology to offer an exemplary service that cannot be exceeded. I.E.I. strives to become the benchmark for testing excellence in our market areas.



I.E.I. revolutionized the Industry with an exclusive patented probe (U.S. Patent # 6,281,678, Canadian Patent #2,316,614)

I.E.I. has also released a new probe that revolutionized tubing inspection. To find out more about the T5 Hybrid probe please call 800-488-2884

Experience is our specialty!

With over 130 years combined eddy current testing experience, our technicians are ASNT level II, ASNT Level IIA, and ASNT Level III and have completed "Carrier" certification to prove testing ability.  The degree of testing at I.E.I. goes beyond the standards set by testing agencies.  I.E.I. is dedicated to providing an unbiased tube analysis.  There is no room for outside influences of "combined services." 





Company Profile:

Established in 1982, IEI has been providing eddy current inspection services to the HVAC market for over 35 years.  Our combined NDE field service experience is now over 130 years.  Most recently, IEI designed and manufactured a probe design in response to the growing need for innovative and durable eddy current probes in all markets.  We see the combination of extensive field experience and probe innovation as not only valuable, but necessary in today’s NDE marketplace.

IEI is a family-friendly company.  In an industry where the rigors of extended travel can take their toll on family stability, IEI is a breath of fresh air.  By placing our technicians in regions, they are usually able to return home each night.  Furthermore, when they are not on a jobsite, they are able to work from their homes.  Consequently, our employees can boast about nearly as many combined years of marriage as they can about years of NDE service (both over 130 years!).  If this kind of work environment interests you, please send us your resume.

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