Established in 1982, IEI has been providing eddy current inspection services to the HVAC market for over a quarter century. 

In the past decade, through the addition of veteran technicians to our staff, IEI has branched into other NDE markets.  Our combined NDE field service experience is now over 130 years. 



What's New with I.E.I. ?

    I.E.I. now offers Visual Inspections along with our Eddy Current Inspection services.  We have purchased state of the art Videoscopes and plan to offer this as part of every inspection we perform.  Please ask about this exciting NEW service for your next inspection.  For more information click here. 

    In 2010, IEI improved on a probe design and began a manufacturing operation in response to the growing need for innovative and durable eddy current probes in all markets.  We see the combination of extensive field experience and probe innovation as not only valuable, but necessary in today’s NDE marketplace.  It's called T5 HyTec.  To find out more click here.


Can your test company do that?

  T5 HyTec Probe
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